Somchai 'Kai' Comarion Tukov



Born: November 4th, 1981, 7:51pm as Somchai Comarion Tukov.
Died: August 27th, 2006. 12:43am.
Embraced by +Kyle Robinson+ – City Gangrel 10th Generation

Changed his legal name on graduation of High School to ‘Kai Comarion Tukov’. Among Thais, most do not use their given names except in the most formal of situations and instead use nicknames. “Kai” was his Thai nickname and was used that all through his younger years, despite his legal name being Somchai.

Immediate family
Father: Alexandre Theodore Tukov
Mother: Prasong “Pam” Tukov (Neé Nanthawat)
Older Sister: Victoria “Victory” (Tori) Sunaree Tukov (2 years older – born: 1979)
Younger Brother: Dmitri (Diesel) Noi Tukov (12 years younger – born: 1993)

Kai was the youngest child the family until the birth of his much younger brother. His sister held some resentment for the baby of the family and the fact that her parent’s attention shifted to the younger child. Their father’s pride of having a son finally only escaserbated the problem. So despite being only four years apart, the relationship between brother and sister is cold and distant.

His mother Pam was a first in traffic enforcement, then a patrol woman, and now is a detective usually specializing in vehicular issues as of 2001. She took a few years off to raise Victory then returned to service. She did not stay home to raise Kai or Dmitri.
His father was a Detective in the Vice Squad and retired from active service in 2001 after suffering a back injury. He now teaches criminal science courses at Wayne State University. On occasion, he still works with the Detroit Police in an advisory position. Father studied sociology at Wayne State, was convinced to join the police by a friend in Judo before he graduated.

Sister is married and has a daughter of her own. She has a Economics degree and works for Mortgage loan company. Husband is an ex-college basketball player and real estate agent. As of 2012, she still works at the loan company and her daughter is now four years old.
Dmitri played soccer and basketball at school, and he has some entitlement issues. Currently he “bros out” too much, and has some legal issues from general hooliganism. He idolized Kai growing up, but grew disillusioned when his brother stopped contacting the family around 2007. As of 2012 he is currently at Michigan State with an undeclared major.

Kai had a typical middle class childhood. Education at a public school, running the streets with his swarm of friends, war games around the neighborhood and sandlot sports. His father rarely had time for family vacations in the summer, so the Tukov’s rarely ventured out of the city for camping trips or other typically middle class family leisure pursuits.
Kai’s basic motivations and attitudes were forged by his two police parents, and his mother’s mostly secular Buddhist teachings. Also his friends and reading influenced him strongly as well, imparting a strong blue-collar work ethic and other attitudes as well.
Kai’s father Alexandre took his son everywhere and Kai has a number of ‘uncles’ who taught him various police related skills as he was growing up.
Kai attended Frank Cody High School in Parkland neighborhood near the border of Dearborn Michigan. He excelled in his studies until he reached early high school, where other concerns started crowding out his academic aspirations, such as a unhealthy relationship with his first girlfriend Anne in his sophomore year. After being dumped by her, he dated sporadically until he graduated.
Clearest childhood memory was: Camping with his friends at age 16, a weekend full of woods stalking, beach hijinks and a field football game against a number of football players from a nearby high school.
Sports were Wrestling in High School. Outside of school, his father enrolled him in Judo and Sambo in from 8 years old and on. He also was frequently participating in street sports with his friends. Wrestling at 152, Kai had a good record, but never went to regionals since he was overshadowed by a High School All American in his weight class. Kai played no other sports, despite wanting to play football since his mother and father were worried enough for his grades.
Most friendships didn’t last into adulthood, most of Kai’s friends moved away around 2003-2004, after graduating university and not finding work in the Detroit area. Kai currently has three friends who are/were in the military: two in the Army, one in the Air Force.
Kai had a few girlfriends in High school, but has not had one in the last two years of his mortal life. His last relationship was with a girl named Janet, she was a nurse at Beaumont Hospital. They constantly quarreled over her smoking cigarettes and pot.
College Football is the only major sport that Kai cares about other than combat sports. He is a big Spartans football fan.
First got into the rave scene when he was 15, was taken along by some of his older friends. Had his first real kiss at a rave in the old Packard plant.
Played quite a bit of woodsball paintball through high school and up until his friends grew away from it. Kai also has done some skeet shooting and long range rifle shooting. Kai also has been shooting pistols with his father since he was 12 years old. He started doing competitive IPSC shooting at age 21. He was given the 92A1 as a gift from his father.
Part of a fight team out of Ypsilanti called ’Armstrong’s Dojo’. This was his former Judo and Sambo Dojo who have changed with the times. Kai has a record in Amateur MMA of 4-1, three by submission, one by TKO and a decision loss.
Took third sport Sambo in the Sambo worlds in 1999 @ 17 in the Cadet (under 19) division. Took second in the US nationals, but was taken on to the main team for someone who was injured. Lost to a Bulgarian who in Kai’s words ‘Was no younger than 33, had gray in his beard and a dong as thick as my wrist."
Father tried to encourage him to join the police once he was out of high school, but Kai’s rebellious side grew out of the fact that even at a young age he could see that he would be living in the shadow of his father if he did. Kai was interested in joining the Marines as he neared graduation in high school, but his father all but forbid him from joining.
Despite not joining the Detroit Police, Kai stayed close to his father and his father’s associated in the police. More than a few times, Kai’s and his friends worked as OpForce in scenario training for the police. Kai never lead the team in these situations, instead the Schneider twins would command the group.
Since High school, Kai took classes at Wayne State for Business, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering but simply could not stay focused enough to get more than an associate’s degree. He initially wanted to attend school away from home, but his obligations to his family and younger brother kept him local.
Worked as a surveyor for a title company, then as part of the clean up crew for foreclosure properties. He also delivered pizza on occasion, bounced at bars and ran a summer judo program for children from 2004-2006.
DJ-ed raves from 2000-2001, only did one show outside of Michigan. Met DJ Frost through the parties and he got Kai a show in Chicago once. Played under the name ‘Shiver’ playing Downtempo, Electro and Trance, produced a few things for the internet in that time. His equipment was stolen in July 2001 and he gave up the music and the party scene shortly before the scene died in the Detroit area.
Gave in to his father after the last of his friends moved away, his sister got married and the age of 25 bearing down on him. Joined the police academy in the spring of 2006. He was going to start September 19th 2006, since his father used his connections to get him into a precinct where one of his good friends was retiring. Alexandre also has mentioned that Kai could see about going undercover before even going into the precinct.

August 2006
Five weeks out of police academy, Kai was chosen out of a number of fighters at an underground amateur level MMA event in Detroit Michigan. The Sabbat pack ‘+The Crimson Mask+’ was unaware of Kai’s background other than he was a fighter who demonstrated some remarkable tenacity in his fight. They needed to recover their strength after they lost a pack member recently and finding someone with some combat experience beat using the shovel-party method.
Kai was taken in a limo from the after party in Warren and embraced on an overpass over the Lodge freeway at Livernois after falling out of the vehicle. He was made probationary pack member and told that he must earn his mask and full pack membership before Halloween.
His first frenzy was hunger based and he tore apart a drug house after being shoved out of the car a few days after his embrace.

September 2006
Kai is indoctrinated unsuccessfully into Sabbat culture, his immunity to blood bonds preventing the artificial links of loyalty to his pack. His pack leader Terrance King (T-King) is far too enamored with the possibilities of molding Kai into a Templar to have him destroyed, despite his resistance to the ways of the pack. Due to another few quirks, such as consumption of mortal food and other mortal habits, all in the pack agree that Kai should have been shovel-partied to destroy his humanity.
Despite the lack of blood bond, Kai is caught between the paranoia of the stories of the Antedeluvians and the brutality of the Sabbat. He understands that these ancient creatures if they rose, could destroy all of civilization, but the Sabbat’s treatment of mortals grinds directly against the vow of ‘To serve and protect’ those weaker than him.
Early on, one of his friends Ahmad stops by Kai’s house and is attacked by Terrance using dementation and Ahmad commits suicide three weeks later. After his friend is scared off, Kai pushes for the pack to move out of his house after calling down some police heat on the pack at the house.
After the incident with Ahmad, he calls his father and informs him that he has been taken undercover right out of the academy and tells him to get in contact with the rest of his friends to keep them out of his way.
While Kai is not presented to the Bishop and Archbishop of Detroit during a Sabbat feast night, the pack successfully bids to make an attack on a visiting Toreador blues guitarist Karim Harrington and his body guards lead by an elder Ventrue from Chicago.

October 2006
The first week of October, the pack ambushes the Karim’s entourage as they are forced to try to leave the city core using Jefferson by police and construction barricades. During the battle, Kai corners the nearly crippled artist at the boardwalk along the Detroit river in Hart Plaza, while the rest of the pack take down the elder just outside of Ford Field. Kai finds, as he expected, that he cannot make the kill after subduing the Toreador. Instead he intentionally pitches Karim over the railing and into the river, allowing the him to escape. This refusal to murder cements Kai’s course of action and decision to flee Detroit.
The fury of the pack comes down on him once they return and discover that he has failed, only Terrance prevents them from ashing him. The slaying of the Toreador was to be his last act needed to earn his mask. They beat him and leave him for the sun, leaving his fate up to chance. Kai narrowly escapes death by hiding in a house basement that filled with water from the storms the week before.
Even wounded, with his high path rating (Buddhist Humanity) he rises much earlier than his pack mates. Instead of returning to the pack, he gathers his gear from his home, raids the pack’s main haven with the intent of sweeping and burning his packmates, only find that they are gone. Taking his sire’s mask, T-King’s tie and the vaulderie knife for the pack, he sets to burn the haven when he is interrupted by the pack scout Frank Stokes’ arrival. Kai surprises and then torpors him in a brawl. Using Frank cellphone, he texts the pack’s Abbot (and Frank’s sister) the following:

I killed your brother. Come & fucking get me.
bq). KCT

Setting the haven ablaze, with Frank’s torpored body inside, Kai then climbed in his Caprice classic (impounded vehicle without valid ownership) and drove to Chicago, sleeping the day in the trunk in a body bag he brought with him.
Kai is captured after lurking about Chicago. The sheriff attempted to stake him, but the metal disks in his concealed vest spared him from being immobilized. He immediately surrendered and was taken before the Prince. Giving over his clan and where he is from to the Prince, Kai’s calm demeanor and fact that he came along willingly gives the prince just enough pause to want hear Kai’s full story, instead of just destroying him. He asks Kai for an abbreviated version of what happened in Detroit and why he came to Chicago. The Prince asks a few more questions, centering on the Vaulderie (which Kai doesn’t quite understand) and on Karim Harrington’s attack at Hart Plaza, then leaves him to the holding area and his thoughts.
The next night, he returns with Ciara Brecknock a trusted elder of Clan gangrel, and the mostly healed Karim Harrington, and a face that Kai recognizes from his years in the Rave scene when he was younger: +DJ Frost. The Prince again asks Kai to relate his story, in full this time. When the attack on Karim and the Ventrue elder is mentioned, Harrington admits that what happened only now makes sense after hearing Kai’s explanation.
Ciara, after calling on a research skills of a younger clanmate, discovers Kai’s police, shooting and fighting background. After learning of this, she decided that she wanted to hear the story herself.
When asked, Benjamin Schaefer (Dj Frost) explains his experiences with Kai back when Kai was mortal and mentions his high moral character, unusual amongst the debauched rave scene. Frost met Kai a few times at shows and even got him a show in Chicago where they both were spinning near the end of the Rave scene in 2001. Admitting that he does not know the now-gangrel very well, he vouches for Kai’s honesty, saying that he’s known in circles as a straight up guy.
The Gangrel elder, at the prince’s request, tells of Kai’s background from what she has researched, concluding that someone with his skills and training would be an ideal candidate for embrace for most clans.
The prince leaves the question up to Karim first, asking if he wished to see Kai given his final death, warning him that this could be an elaborate plot and his escape from the pack engineered for some purpose. Karim after a long pause, calls for mercy. The prince then asks between Ciara and Frost if either of them would take responsibility for the fledgling, for if not he is to be exiled from the domain of Chicago. Ciara immediately volunteers to mentor Kai. The Prince then warns Kai that he now owes Ciara a major boon and Frost a minor boon.
With that, the Prince orders all involved to not reveal to others Kai’s sabbat past. Ben, before Kai can ask, gives a cover story that Kai was embraced at a warehouse party in Minneapolis and asks Kai to meet with him to further discuss the cover story. They spend a pair of nights driving around Chicago, giving Kai the tour and providing the new Camarilla sect member with insight into the clans and the city.
Kai spends the next two weeks being further mentored by the infinitely patient Ciara and learning how to feed in the new city.
During a call to Elysium in at the end of the month, he meets with "
Damian Stark": and they find themselves embroiled in a situation involving a missing ghoul.

September 2006 (Live Play)

November 2006
Damian has a little chat with Kai, and he gets a few more explanations on the nature of the Kindred condition from a slightly younger viewpoint than his centuries old mentor Ciara.

December 2006
Kai proves his worth to the Prince by flushing out a deep cover sabbat pack in the city.

January 2007
Kai leaves Chicago as well in late January of 2007, after discharging his debt to Ciara to her satisfaction by combat training a number of Gangrel and Ventrue fledglings and neonates.

Spring 2007
Kai is made a patrolman in a precinct in St. Paul in March. A pair of ghouls under the control of a Nosferatu and Ventrue provide enough cover for Kai to serve abbreviated shifts in the summer and keep him scheduled always for night shifts. Kai works towards becoming a Detective either in Vice or Homicide for the greater freedom it will afford.

Summer 2007
Kai meets Melinda during one of his rare visits into Elysium at an after-hours club, after she notes him while subbing in to play a downtempo set in the lounge.

October 2007
Melinda and Kai become lovers after collaborating on an EP worth of songs.

Early Winter 2007-2008
Kai cleans up a second messy murder of a child by Mark Russo. Begins to put out complaints to others higher up in Minneapolis kindred society that these killings cannot keep going on like this, that it endangers the masquerade with the advent of ‘Amber Alerts’ and the like.
His complaints are ignored and soon he is told to stop his investigation and ‘rumor-mongering’ about the Ventrue, by both friend and foe.

January 2008
Melinda is summoned back to Worcester. Kai goes to see her two weeks later to try to get an explanation without smashing his phone in frustration or speaking with her sire Mr Byrne. Kai gets dominated into confusion about what happened between Melinda and him and returns to Minneapolis heartbroken.

February 2008
Kai is volunteered by kindred in Minneapolis to be part of a strike team hitting NYC under the command of an former Yakuza now assamite Takayuki (Taka) Nishiguchi. They are sent as a favor to the former prince of Dallas to take out a former Seneschal of Dallas who was instrumental in the fall of the city to the Sabbat in 2008. Kai loses a finger after being accused of insubordination by Taka within minutes of meeting him and a Nosferatu is ashed by decapitation by the assamite’s katana sometime after for a similar slight. Kai later betrays Taka after being left to die by him during the failed assassination attempt and kicks him off a 10th story fire escape while Taka is trying to jump across a gap between two buildings. Kai then follows the remaining three of the team to the ferry to Jersey City to escape.

March 2009
Kai is sent to dispose of a exsanguinated child a third time. He keeps quiet about his efforts to keep the masquerade, but begins stalking Mr. Russo, getting his patterns of travel and havens recorded in preparation of sniping him.

April 2008
At DJ Frost’s urging, he began to play parties again, this time concentrating on Live performance sets under the name ‘RedStar’. He plays a short tour of Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City before Frost gets him to do a tag-team show in Omaha.

May 2008 (Live Play)
While in Omaha Nebraska…

Summer 2008
After an exchange of hand-signs, Kai discovers that there is small pack of nomadic Sabbat in Minneapolis. He reaches out to them under the guise of being a deep cover agent for the Bishop of Detroit.
Biding his time, he waits for an opportunity to take out the pack.

Early September 2008
Kai returns to the court scene of Minneapolis after hiding out in a depression and meets with Guylian, who is in Minneapolis under the name ‘Lillian’. Taking to him, she tries to bring him out of his dark mood, but are caught out in an alley during a wayward moment of passion, merely sharing a kiss. Embarrassed by the (rather tame) rumors that start soon after, Kai fades from the court scene for a few days, but keeps in contact with Lillian.

Mid September 2008
September 16th: Rumors start of Kai being a literal lady killer in Elysium court.
September 17th: Called back to Chicago by her handlers, Lillian / Guylian leaves suddenly. No notice is given to Kai.
September 20th: Minneapolis police show up at Kai’s haven, with a missing persons report and inquiries as to where he’s last seen her.
September 22nd: The second day Kai’s put in inquiries as to where’s she’s gone, the rumors take a brutal turn, and one of the harpies that Kai thought he was friends with, starts revealing things about Kai and Melinda to add fuel to the rumor-fire. That night, he comes in to see his sergeant, and finds out that he is on paid leave until this investigation is over.
September 25th: Police come with a warrant to search his haven. They find nothing unusual, but question him pointedly about the lock of hair Melinda left him. They claim it as evidence.
September 28th: The Seneschal informs him that his visibility with the disappearance is endangering his police on the police force.

October 2008
October 2nd: Kai resigns from the police.
October 3rd: Kai abandons his havens.
October 4th: Using a phone number he gained from the sabbat pack, Kai arranges for Mark Russo to go to the haven for the pack under the impression that he was interviewing to adopt a child. Satisfied that the situation is handled, Kai leaves town without getting confirmation on the destruction of Russo.

May 2009
Reaches Los Angeles.

August 2009
Is not impressed by the Anarchs, runs afoul of an anarch group called the Crimson Furies after vocally trashing the Anarch movement.

Late November 2009
Arrives in Las Vegas

691 W Washington Ave
Apartment A
Las Vegas, NV 89106
(Semi fictional – Second Story apartment over ‘Liquor Land’)
Near one of the worst neighborhoods in all of Las Vegas, this 1960’s era of the sun-baked brick and adobe liquor store has probably never seen a ‘better day’. A pair of apartments on the second floor stand tall over the bungalows in the neighborhood. There are generally people milling about the front of the building all times of the day or night and the police regularly are called to clear off loitering shit disturbers.
The apartment has a small garage built into the back of the store for use with the rear-most apartment where Kai is currently staying.

U-Haul parked frequently @
1721 Whitney Mesa Drive,
Henderson, NV 89077
U-Haul parked behind
1525 W Oakey Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Since Kai’s early nights, he has grown used to sleeping in the trunks of cars and backs of container trucks. Without the more powerful abilities of some of his clanmates, Kai relies on more mundane ways to find shelter while traveling. At first, he used body bags and slept in the trunk of his car, but now he uses a U-haul van as his backup plan. Inside is a wooden shipping container, which Kai sleeps in, either in a body bag or in a sleeping bag, depending on the time of year.

Storage Room in sub-basement
Ed W. Clark High School
4291 W Pennwood Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89106
United States
Kai’s current ghoul, Mr. Gumbley has somehow gained a key to the boiler room to Ed W. Clark high school. In a dead-space created by a remodeling of the boiler room and storage in the 1990s, there is a small room only accessible by a large vent, in which Kai has set up another haven. Out of his other havens, this is the only one that he stores weapons. Generally he has an inexpensive Kel-Tec SU-16 rifle stored and a Taurus copy of the Beretta 92.

Shipping Container at
5051 W Post Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89118
United States
While Kai was in Minneapolis, working for the police, he had an apartment address that he was using for all of his mail, but his secondary haven was an abandoned semi-truck trailer parked behind a Walmart distribution center. He has doubled back to this idea again, claiming another semi-truck trailer at a distribution yard in Vegas. Unlike before, he has bribed the night watchman to find out which trailer are staying there long term and moves his sleeping pad and plastic storage bins into it. A truck once left unexpectedly in the past and since then he keeps nothing valuable there other than something to sleep on, a change of clothes and a few sundry items.

6124 West Cermak Road
Apartment 303
Cicero, Illinois 60804
Kai first haven outside of Detroit, this was an apartment occupied by a ghoul of Brecknock’s that Kai was using while the ghoul was elsewhere.

Common Equipment
9mm IPSC competition modified Beretta 92A1 (DAO + frame safety)
- 2 spare magazines (20 round) all Cor-Bon 115 grain P JHP. (5+2 damage)
Pinnacle ‘San Diego’ level III-A+ concealed vest. (3 AR -1 Dex)
Samsung flip-phone.
Sharpie felt tipped marker.

Akai MPC-2500 music Workstation
Skullcandy headphones

1988 Caprice Classic
- Vehicle generally contains the following:
- – 4 modified body bags (Hidden)
- – Box of 45 gallon contractor garbage bags
- – 4 road flares
- – Roll of heavy duty aluminum foil
- – Roll of duct tape
- – 100’ of heavy nylon rope
- – Small auto repair tool kit
- – Jumper cables
- – 2 Boxes of 50 Cor-Bon 9mm rounds
- – 2 spare magazines (unloaded) for the Beretta.
- – 2 changes of clothing (jeans and a black hoodie)
- – 2 wool blankets
- – 1 bottle no-rinse body wash
- – 2 black towels (1 hand, 1 bath)

Accessible Equipment
h4. At Main haven
Weapon Safe @ Apartment
6.8mm Carbine: Custom ZM Weapons Upper, LWRC Lower – 14.5 inch barrel and folding stock
- 16 re-machined H&K magazines (25 rounds) all 115 grain soft-point. (8+2 damage)
5.56mm Para TTR Carbine – 14.5 inch barrel and folding stock
- 30 STANAG magazines (30 round) all 77 grain FMJ (7 damage)
.300cal WM Remington 700.
- Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20×50mm Scope.
- Modified box Magazine (15 rounds) – 180 grain soft-point (9+2 damage)
9mm Browning Hi-Power Mark II
- 6 magazines (13 round) all 90 grain Hornady JHP (4+2 damage)
Pinnacle SOV-2000 level 3+ tactical body armor (4 AR -1 Dex)
All weapons are legal and only semi-auto. Kai has a valid ATF stamp for the carbines (Barrel shorter than 16.5 inches) and none of the weapons are full auto, pre-ban or otherwise.

Music Production
Apple MacPro 3.1 desktop computer.
- With Snow Leopard
- Ableton Live
- ProTools
- Traktor 2.6
M-Audio Oxygen 49 – 49-Key USB MIDI Controller
Two Stanton ST150HP Turntables
Gemini PS-626EFX 3-Channel Mixer
3x Traktor Control Vinyl

1999 Dodge Ram Van.

Stored at Ed W. Clark High School
5.56mm Kel-Tec SU-16 – 16 inch barrel, AR grip, wire stock
- 4 STANAG magazines (30 round) all 77 grain FMJ (7 damage)
Taurus PT92 – modified (DAO)
- 6 magazines (13 round) all 90 grain Hornady JHP (4+2 damage)

Merit and Flaw Details

Police Ties: Kai’s extensive police background and with conducting personal training at the Las Vegas range, he has an easy time with getting in contact with those police force in Vegas. He also has police ties in Detroit, Chicago and Minneapolis. Also, since many IPSC shooters are police officers, he knows a number of them from the shooting circuit. He has also done a handful of training sessions for the LVPD on pistol-point shooting at their stations.

Eat Food: Kai’s predilection for eating mortal food and keeping it down for all of the night was initially something that baffled his packmates. He once did it with a higher frequency when he was first turned, now he saves it only for dire masquerade emergencies for despite the fact that he is well familiar with purging (from his training days), it is never a fun thing. He generally explains to other kindred that the food taste is almost there, but the experience is more like eating an air freshener than what it was like eating food as a mortal.

Unbondable: Another oddity of Kai’s kindred condition is his immunity to blood bonds. Whether it is partaking in vaulderie or drinking from the porcelain neck of a Toreador Ancilla: the ties from the blood do not linger more than a night. While for the rest of the night after he takes kindred blood he will feel the effects of those weak bonds or ties of vinculum, these ties evaporate once he rises after the next sunset.

Clan Friendship: In almost every domain Kai has found himself in, he has found himself mingling with the Toreador clan. Many of the the roses find the young gangrel’s interest in music and skill with the MPC, synths, drum machines and turntables amusing. His willingness to collaborate with the those in clan Toreador on on production for music projects, or working as a soundman at live shows has gained him more than a few friends and contacts.

Herd: Vegas is a town with constant parties going on all times of the night. Via his shows, Kai has gathered a number of +club girls+ that he has in his orbit. Kai tries to keep them at arm’s length, inviting them out to exclusive shows and clubs using his pull with the Roses and club owners to get them in. To them, Kai is their brooding tall-dark-and-handsome for the night, that gets them in to all the best clubs, backstage to see the other DJs, free drinks at the bar and a night after that leaves them exhausted (and a little pale) the next day. Kai, of course, gets what he wants as well and all seem pleased well-enough with the arrangement.

Dark Secret: Kai’s Sabbat past, while no longer as deadly of a secret as it once was, can be the cause of much distrust between him and other Camarilla sect members.

Nightmares: Since Kai was a child, nightmares have tormented his sleep. While some of them are unrelated, a large number of the terrors have similar themes and features. They usually feature a well dressed man with a featureless red face, usually dressed in a suit or a kimono or a Buddhist monk’s robes. Before his embrace, the man never spoke or tried to communicate, but instead would be hunting Kai, killing and destroying everything and everyone in his path, sometimes with a gesture, other times just with a touch. Since Kai was turned the blank red face is now the vermillion mask of his former pack leader and the man has gained a voice, giving Kai his name: Iskan.
Recently the most common nightmare involving Iskan is where Kai finds himself tied to the top of a tall guyed-mast antenna, as dawn approaches, Iskan taunting him as he paces back and forth before in midair.
A further oddity: After a nightmare Kai’s aura reads oddly for the rest of that evening. If the aura reader gets three successes, they can see that his aura is somehow displaced off of his body, like it was lingering a half step behind him.

Kai has a number of enemies, detailed further in this document.

Beast Features

Recently, Kai’s eyes gained a slit to them and the iris is now ever-so-slightly too large. While the deep brown of his eyes hides the slit most of the time, if he takes on a temporary frenzy trait of the eye color, it becomes very obvious. He has commissioned a pair of custom contacts that return his eyes back to their normal appearance and uses glycerine drops to keep them in his eyes if they get dried out.

Due to Kai’s stoic sense of self control, he rarely carries more than one at a time.
In order of severity of frenzy: pointed and rotated ears, preening, eye color (yellow green),
staring when riled, molars falling out, standing only on his toes.

Behind the Scenes Information

Failed operative gone to ground

Physical Habits
Raises a bit in his shoes. Rarely has a smile on his face. Taps his nose like a boxer with his thumb or back of index knuckle when taking ‘tempo’ of a situation sometimes. Has his arms folded, hands clasped behind him frequently, especially when speaking with some of higher station. Once sitting, he tends to sprawl out, but generally keeps his legs between him and anyone he subconsciously perceives as a threat. He has a stalking walk, very forward, on his toes.
He also will generally stand offering his left side up, almost in his Muay Thai stance, weight 40/60 front to rear.

Reserved and dour, but attentive, occasionally very intense.
Kai always concentrates on mitigation. Kai believes that the affect of Kindred on human society has to be mitigated and controlled to try to minimize the damage done to them. But he is done being a hero. He will try to fulfill his obligations before trying to do anything heroic.
Another major component of Kai is that he rarely second guesses when pressed. He regrets his actions later, not while he’s taking them.
He also believes in the usefulness of staying quiet and listening. People will provide all the information you need with generally very little coaxing.

Humility: Kai demonstrates typical Asian humility. He rarely touts his capabilities or speaks of his accomplishments.
Trustworthy: With Kai’s past as being embraced by the Sabbat, he readily understands the need for secrecy. He has very little issue of keeping secrets that are shared to him.
Protective: Kai’s father Alexandre and mother Pam were/are both police officers, so the vow ‘to serve and protect’ is embossed on his soul. This generally applies to kine, rather than kindred.

Defeatist: The other side of Kai’s humility virtue is his confidence issues. Kai lacks understanding of the level of his talents and this is due to some perspective skewing from being around many other talented people for most of his life.
Vengeance: Kai has a strong sense of justice that regularly strays into vengeance. While he rarely acts without confirming circumstances, he has more than a few times strayed outside the laws of kine and kindred to exact what he considers justice. His acts of vengeance are never heat-of-the-moment assaults, they are calculated, logical surgical strikes.
Penitent: Kai’s actions and failures have lead to death of a small child early in his kindred days. While the circumstances surround the death involved the death of ghouls, kindred and mortals he still wishes it could have ended in some other way. This attitude has waned lately with his declining humanity.

The Tenfold Path of Buddhist Humanity
Instead of the typical Path of Humanity that most mortals and Camarilla kindred follow, Kai follows a path influenced by his Buddhist upbringing rather than a Abrahamic traditional set of morals.
10 — Feed from humans
9 — Refrain from incorrect speech (casual lying, harsh language, slander, idle chit-chat)
8 — Refrain from arrogance and vanity
7 — Refrain from wrong indulgence in all sensory pleasure
6 — Refrain from taking that which is not freely given
5 — Refrain from distractions/pleasures/obsessions that lead to loss of focus
4 — Refrain from wrong indulgence in the suffering of others
3 — Refrain from personal deceptions and the state of one’s own suffering
2 — Refrain from deceiving one to whom you owe duty and by so doing causes them to suffer
1 — Refrain from wrong indulgence in own suffering and fall from the Tenfold Path

Speaking & Thinking Style

Language Composition
Formerly a rabid consumer of pop culture, he makes references to sports figures, singers, actors and fictional characters with a dizzying regularity. Sometimes these references are obscure, especially when they reference thaiboxers or boxers. While lyrics from songs and lines from prose may make it into his speech, he rarely quotes from movies and TV shows due to the annoyance of losing a bet to a friend in their high-school years.
Kai has a tendency to still use odd names for various supernaturals that he learned from his packleader, such as fangers (kindred), choculas (non-respected elders), vamp-lites (ghouls), little-’G’s (high powered ghouls or fledglings) and such. It draws attention almost every time, but the words do not out him as sabbat, since the names his pack used were non-standard amongst the Sabbat as well.
He uses contractions liberally, sometimes even complex contractions “I’d’ve” (“I would have”) and some of his “ing” shift to turn into “in’”. Uses “nobody” rather that “no one”, and double negative construction.
However, since he is an educated man, when he’s on-point, he can speak rather formally. He generally takes this tone to Elder kindred.

Common Phrases Used
“Somehow, I doubt it.”
“Fucking fangers.”

Contacts and Allies
Benjamin Schaefer / DJ Frost: Toreador DJ – Chicago [Contact from mortal days] – Ally
Ciara Brecknock: Gangrel Elder – Chicago [Mentor – Morgan Powyll stand-in] – Ally
Connor Czarniak: Illegal Arms dealer – Las Vegas (Missing) [Mortal Friend] – Ally (Inactive)
Mitch Darkwood: Assistant at Gun range – Las Vegas [Kai’s Ghoul] – Retainer
Melinda Grayling: Toreador Ancilla Poseur – Minneapolis/Boston [Ex Lover – Carissa Stand in] – Major Contact (Inactive)
Karim Harrington: Toreador Blues guitarist – Chicago [Kai allowed him to escape in Detroit] – Minor Contact
Alan Fielding: Mortal Poker player – Las Vegas – Minor Contact
Alicia McAlwaine: Toreador music promoter / event planner – Las Vegas [Currently employs Kai as a DJ] – Minor contact
Lillian Chevalier / Guylian McAran: Gangrel Ancilla [Known to Kai as Lillian] – Minor Contact (Inactive)

Mark Russo: Ventrue patent Lawyer & Sociopath – Minneapolis (Missing)
Vincent Walsh: Ventrue Financial Officer (sire of Mark Russo) – Minneapolis
The Crimson Mask: Kai’s former pack – Detroit/Nomadic (Whereabouts unknown)
James Ashton Byrne: Toreador Elder & Melinda’s sire – Worcester Massachusetts
Warders: Sabbat pack – Nomadic
Gunnar Hunden: Brujah Biker – Chicago
Takayuki (Taka) Nishiguchi – Assamite (Missing)

Plot Hooks

Ties of Blood Kai’s pack disappeared from Detroit shortly after Kai left. Fully expecting them to follow after him, Kai kept a low profile, hoping to feel them out before they came calling. In his third city now, there has been no sign of T-King and the Crimson Mask unti recently. They have neither attacked any of his mortal family, taken any actions against his former friends or even made any inquiries that he knows about at this time. They simply vanished. They came to Vegas, at least some of them, with another pack hunting after Damian but evaporated before Kai could press any advantage against them. It seems that whatever drove them from Detroit has given them bigger issues to deal with than returning to draw Kai back into their fold.

Enemy of my Enemy Mark Russo was the groomed childer of Vincent Walsh and a tremendous Patent Lawyer. However, Mark also was a Grade S sociopath and his particular Ventrue flaw was that he had to feed on children. While he generally ghouled his house cleaner and fed off their children, occasionally children would turn up ‘missing’. While Kai was used to a certain amount of obfuscation of the influence of kindred in Minneapolis, he was called on twice to literally bury evidence of a child drained to death. Inquiries all turned up little within the Camarilla and he was finally told to let the issue go, that his questions were drawing the wrong attention. Frustrated by the lack of movement, not in the right headspace after his lover Melinda abandoned him, he followed the convoluted trail of circumstances, interviews and CCD videos back to Mark, implicating him in the disappearances.
While working out Mark’s patterns (Mark is somewhat autistic) in order to take a shot on him, Kai found a better way of disposing of the blue blood: a sabbat pack had made itself known by a rather common inquiry hand signal (See ‘Warders’ below) that was used in Elysium and Kai happened to catch. He later found that the one in Elysium was a scout for a Sabbat pack that he had a hand in flushing out in Chicago. He arranged for Mark to meet with a someone to ‘adopt’ a child through an intermediary, but instead his directions lead Mark to the haven for the Warders. He never saw the Warders or Mark again.

Beknighted Kai’s disappearance from Detroit was not completely unnoticed by the Sabbat in Detroit. T-King talked up their new embrace to someone he believed had contacts with the Black Hand. T-King wanted to either groom Kai to be a Templar or serve the Black Hand. Certain promises were made and there were arrangements made once Kai made full Sabbat status to begin his training. Kai’s failure to make his first kill threw a wrench in these plans, then his disappearance destroyed them. Is this the reason why the Crimson Mask disappeared, that T-King could no longer make-good on his promises? While Terrance and some of the pack have appeared in Vegas, nothing regarding their status in Detroit has cleared up.

Dissolved Girl James Byrne is a Toreador architect and the sire of Melinda. Initially he found it a relief that his failed childe finally found a muse to inspire her sing and play music for the first time since in 110 years. Melinda, after sending demo tracks to her sire, could not restrain her gushing about the young Gangrel to her sire. After coaxing the fact that she was two steps bound to the mere fledgling, he immediately demanded her return to Worcester, even calling on his powers of Presence to reinforce his command to his wayward childe. Melinda left Kai with only three tracks done on an album of post-trip hop and a ‘Dear John’ letter.
Kai pursued her out to Worcester, but Melinda met Kai in a parking lot and spoke through a limo window to him. She accused Kai of trying to blood bond her while being unable to be bound himself and that she had been a fool to believe that what she was feeling was real. During the conversation, Byrne arrived in his Mercedes with one of his ghouls. A single use of Dominate by Byrne during a conversation and Kai is not sure what exactly happened in Worcester to this day. Byrne is finds his hate towards the young gangrel growing each month that passes with Melinda is not singing for him.

Us and Them Kai’s mortal family still lives in Detroit and were under the impression that Kai went undercover in Chicago sometime in October 2006. Later, on finding he was a patrolman in Minneapolis, Kai lead his father to believe that he was still working in an undercover role now for the FBI or Internal Affairs, while actually not saying much. Now in Las Vegas, his ruses are starting to run short. Now his family believes that he fucked off and flushed out of the patrolman position and now is a failure as a firearms instructor at a shitty range in Vegas.

1ft in the Grave While the Crimson Mask did not ravage his mortal contacts like some packs are known to do, they did kill two of his friends: One by suicide caused by T-King using dementation on him, the other in an attempt to flush Kai out of hiding. However the Sabbat in the city hushed up the murder too quickly for Kai to find out. They both died horribly in their own ways, in a manner that could complicate Kai if their spirits were to find a way to exact a revenge on him.

Let it Rain Dj Frost is a constant source of insanity. Kai no longer owes the Toreador any boons, but still feels that he owes his sometimes DJ partner big for the help in his earliest nights. This has lead to a number of capers: running interference and backup security when he has to play shows in Anarch or even sabbat territory, stealing occult artifacts from caches held by other Kindred (or worse: mages) or working (clumsily) romantic angles with the Toreador to give Frost insight into Toreador social maneuverings. Such actions have their own rewards, in the fact that Frost now feels that he owes the young gangrel in return.

In the Light While he did finally repay his mentor Ciara Brecknock in Chicago and she released him from her care and the boon he owed her, Kai still feels that he owes the Gangrel elder so much more for essentially saving him from the prince’s ruling. When he moved to Minneapolis and then to Vegas, he has always contacted her after, letting her know that if she needs anything, to contact him.

Silk Cut Connar Czarniak is a former Army infantryman and Afghanistan war veteran. After completely three combat tours, he returned to Detroit in 2004 only to find no work for a veteran like him. He then moved out to Vegas to be with a girl he met and Kai lost track of him. During the war, Czarniak ran a black market setup for weapons, gear, valuables and alcohol and when he returned, he turned his attention to arms dealing. Around early 2009 (before Kai arrived in Vegas) he went to ground (left for SoCal maybe?) and dismantled his organization after a gang of M13 heavy hitters hit up a storage warehouse he was running and killed five people. He hasn’t been seen since.

Hell is Around the Corner In a moment of vengeful decisiveness after landing his jump, Kai launched into a reverse turning kick as Taka was about to land, sending him to his apparent final death in the alley below them. Kai did not linger to see him fall, and with the others far ahead of him, no knew of what happened. All he could tell them is that the Assamite didn’t make it. Taka has not appeared since.

Personal Views

The Camarilla
A snake eating it’s own tail, or some shit. Convoluted, cliquish and complicated like a threesome. Beats the alternatives though.

Lots of barking from a dog that can bite too. At least those in my clan have some sort of excuse when they start playing ‘who is alpha’ games and getting loud. I can’t seem to ever get along with the younger ones, but the ones who’ve been dead enough to get a bit colder I’m cool with…

I really resonate well with quite a few in my clan, so I guess my sire picked me out pretty well. Still, whenever I walk into a new city, it’s they want to jump me into their new gang by putting ‘bows on me. Family is always complicated shit, isn’t it?

Whenever I chat with them for too long, I end up regretting it. I’ve had a few friends from the bin, but the way I’ve seen them unlace other people’s heads? I try not to rock their boat too much.

I try to watch what I say and listen to everything they have to say. They ain’t got any illusions on this shit, that’s for sure. I just have to keep my eyes open for those who want to be every bit as monstrous as they look.

The lady roses seem to always have a thing for me. They say it’s my eyes when they’re changed, the way I move, the way I talk or the music I do, but I can’t tell for sure. All I know is every damn domain I’m in, the Toreadors seem to become my Elysium-buddies, or alternately: I become their chew toy. I just wish that, one: more of them were a little bit more grounded in reality, two: would stop trying to introduce me to the underside of the metaphorical-bus for their amusement, three: I could say no to them.

You know that thing: where if you stare at it too long, it starts to hurt your head? Oh yeah, except that thing that hurts your head can kill you. I like to work on definitive intelligence and no one can give me a straight answer of what they can or can’t do. I try to ride way below their radar.

You know, for a bunch who seem to be all about the cash-money, they don’t seem to understand the ‘payment for goods and services rendered’ idea very well. Do I have to spell it out for you? If you try to fuck me as soon as I turn around, I won’t be doing things for you in the future, blue-blood.

The Sabbat:
Not as mindless as the choculas make them out to be, that’s for sure. They don’t seem to care about keeping the big secret too closely and they love to go full fright-show. If you see some scruffy looking fangers who are way too tight and are throwing signs, you get your crew and shake those fuckers down immediately. Always very bad news, whether they are stampeding a pile of barely cold fangers into your city, or rabble rousing from the outskirts.

I wish I could say I wasn’t afraid of the dark. Unlike the Tremere, I know what the Lasombra can do and it still scares the hell out of me. Still, I know their shadow can crush the life out of you, but it can’t stop a bullet, survive a flashbang, or smother an incendiary and lucky for me, they don’t seem to understand that. Be wary of any Lasombra who isn’t an arrogant prick.

I had enough bad dreams back when I could get a suntan. While the real fuckups among us are trying to be the villains out of Blade, these guys are trying to be Pinhead from Hellraiser. Congrats, you just lapped yourself. P.S. I am not your spare-parts-bin.

Yeah, I know the Camarilla isn’t exactly all fun and games, but all this rebellion to have Cam-lite on the coast seems a lot like ’Here’s the new boss, same as the old boss’. You’re fooling yourselves, guys.

I can’t really get a read on them, it’s like they are playing a completely different game all together.

I haven’t met one who hasn’t set the hackles up on my neck and I didn’t want to hit with my car. What I pretend to be sometimes – they are – and that’s fucked up. The wrong sort of enemies to make.

I’ve made some big mistakes figuring out who exactly they are. They aren’t exactly the mob, and they ain’t exactly the Tremere. All I know is: what they know about me and what I can do, they like.

Slick as fuck and you can’t trust them anymore than you could a crackhead. They always make me feel like an idiot.

Either I’ve been real lucky or there aren’t that many out there. I’m hoping it’s the second.

Ran into a girl at a party in St. Paul, dressed in a Kimono in the chill-out room. I still can’t tell if what happened was real or a dream, or if I had my ‘drink’ spiked… But it was some straight up Narnia shit… I think.

They are us, and we are them. As above, so below? We have to remember what we used to be, otherwise we forget what’s at the heart of the matter, and then it’s this out of control spiral and you’re put down like a dog in some charnel house.
I was once asked this by the wisest corpse I’ve ever met: ‘Are you your brother’s keeper’? I’m thinking we should be… But I can only do what I can.

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